Dentures in Gaithersburg MD

Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious about the way you look, make it difficult to speak properly, and also make it hard to eat, especially when it comes to fresh, crunchy foods like fruits and vegetables. Tooth loss can also contribute to oral health conditions in the future.

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we create dentures that look and feel great—nothing like the ill-fitting and bulky dentures from previous decades—so you can enjoy life through social activities and eating delicious cuisine.

Dentures provide a tried-and-true way to replace missing teeth and have been around for centuries. As with all tooth replacement, they have improved a lot with modern technology and advancements in treatment.

In our dental office, we offer a variety of denture types, including complete dentures, partial dentures, and denture implants in Gaithersburg, MD.

Today’s dentures fit better and look better than ever! And we invite you to schedule a consultation. Also, read through the information below to learn more about this time-tested tooth replacement option.

Learn Whether Dentures Are Right for You

There are multiple tooth replacement options available, but the good news is that most people are good candidates for dentures. To be sure, your dentist provides a comprehensive dental exam that typically includes x-rays to look at your jaw health.

If dentures are a good option, we take careful impressions of your mouth. We use the results to create a prosthetic that fits the specific contours of your jaw. When your dentures are ready, your dentist provides a fitting and makes adjustments if needed.

With any prosthetic, there is a learning curve—a period of adjustment—but before you know it, you’ll be smiling with confidence and enjoying your favorite meals again.

Complete Upper or Lower Dentures in Gaithersburg, MD

Full extractions on your upper or lower arch are often fitted with complete dentures. Complete dentures replace all your missing teeth, so you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence. They also provide fullness to your facial appearance and prevent the sunken look that can come with tooth loss.

Your complete dentures depend on suction, gravity, and the natural contours of your jaw for proper fit.

Your dentist in Gaithersburg, MD creates realistic-looking dentures using a pink resin base with artificial denture teeth. Unlike the boxy and opaque dentures of the past, today’s denture teeth come in a wide variety of shades and colors to match your age, gender, and facial features.

If you decide to replace your teeth with a full set of dentures, our dentists will help you choose a look that works for you. Our goal is to create a prosthetic that helps you feel good about your new smile.

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable, functional, and beautiful smile.

Partial Dentures Compared with a Dental Bridge

If you still have some of your natural teeth, we can complete your smile using partial dentures.

Partial dentures anchor onto your remaining teeth naturally and with the help of special clips. As with complete dentures, we will design them to match your teeth and facial aesthetics, giving you a natural look.

Partial dentures in Gaithersburg, MD come in various materials such as resin, metal, and even flexible versions. Dr. Neil Daftary and Dr. Robert Zaner will discuss which options will work best for you and make a recommendation that gives you great results.

A partial is similar to a dental bridge, but there are differences. A partial denture is removable, but a dental bridge is fixed to adjacent teeth with bonded dental crowns.

You remove partial dentures for soaking but rely on a floss threader and special cleaning brush for a dental bridge.  

Implant-Retained Dentures for Stability

Some patients have difficulty with dentures fitting properly, either due to bone loss in their jaw or because of their unique anatomy. As a result, patients may avoid wearing their dentures or feel self-conscious about eating and speaking, limiting their social engagement.

Implant-retained dentures—or denture implants in Gaithersburg, MD—mean a fixed denture that never slips, needs a reline, or requires adhesives.

We address this problem by placing dental implants in the upper arch, lower arch, or both to lock your denture in place. Since dental implants are rooted in your bone, they will provide outstanding stability, may help prevent bone loss, and give you the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest.

Meeting Your Denture Needs

Besides offering a variety of denture options, we also concentrate on denture longevity, aesthetics, and your specific needs.

For example, if you’re considering a partial denture and would like to choose whiter prosthetic teeth, ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening in Gaithersburg. Remember, it’s important to whiten your teeth before prosthetics and restorations because the materials used to restore your smile do not lighten with this treatment.

And before whitening your smile, ask your dentist about professional teeth cleaning. This treatment clears away tartar, which boosts your teeth whitening results.

If you already wear dentures but are considering upgrading to a more modern prosthetic, we can help with that, as well. Your dentist can also evaluate your current denture to see if it’s time for a replacement.

Signs that you may need to replace your denture or partial include:

  • Loose-fitting dentures—applying adhesives several times per day or increased need for relines
  • Chips or cracks in your denture—places where bacteria can collect
  • Thinning denture plate—if you hold your denture to the light and it looks worn

Replacing your denture or partial when it is time is extremely important. You never want your denture to break in a social situation, which can cause embarrassment.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

We recommend never using toothpaste on your denture. It can be too harsh for your prosthetic and cause scratching. Instead, use a paste and brush specifically designed for dentures. You can find these things at your local pharmacy, grocery store, or online.

A denture bath with denture tablets is ideal for soaking your prosthetic. Denture tablets kill germs and clean your denture according to the packaging insert. When not wearing your denture, it is important to soak it in room-temperature water to ensure it retains its shape.

As time goes by, your denture may not fit as snuggly as it did in the beginning. You can take care of this with denture adhesives. Like pastes, brushes, denture baths, and soaking tablets, you can find adhesives at your local pharmacy, grocery store, or online.

You should also talk to your dentist if you grind and clench your teeth (bruxism). This condition can wear down your teeth and your partial denture.

If you notice cracks in your denture, it is important to contact your Gaithersburg dentist.

Finally, make sure to see your dentist regularly. Even if you have full tooth loss, you need preventive dentistry to lower your gum disease risks.

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