Your Gaithersburg Emergency Dentist

Have you ever had a toothache or broken tooth? If so, you know firsthand how alarming it can be, especially when it interrupts work, sleep, or school schedules. At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we treat dental emergencies in our Gaithersburg, MD dental office quickly to restore your comfort and get you back to the things that mean the most.

Even if you are diligent with your oral health (brushing and flossing every day along with routine dental check-ups), there are dental emergencies that cannot be prevented. Sometimes they start as a mild throbbing that never goes away.

Dental emergencies are probably the worse time to start looking for a compassionate and skilled dentist. It is essential that patients see a friendly and familiar face that they already trust to diagnose and treat your emergency.

If you are undergoing a dental emergency, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible, especially if you are in pain. Dental pain is never a good thing; it’s a sign of an oral health issue that will not go away—no matter how hard you try to ignore it. Your body is letting you that there is a significant underlying issue that needs to be diagnosed and treated right away before it gets worse.

The first thing Dr. Neil Daftary and Dr. Robert Zaner can help with is managing your pain and keep you comfortable while we diagnose the issue.

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we will get you back to your regular life as soon as possible.

Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

If you are wondering if you need an emergency dental appointment to address your condition, here are some guidelines. Call our Gaithersburg, MD dental office immediately if:

  • You experience pain or extreme sensitivity with your teeth, gums, or oral cavity
  • Swelling is present in the jaw, gums, or face
  • You are unable to chew in a particular area of your mouth
  • You feel throbbing or pressure in your tooth
  • A tooth is loosened or knocked-out
  • You have chronic bad breath, even after brushing your teeth
  • You have an infection and inflammation
  • Swollen and red gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Teeth that are suddenly sensitive to temperatures
  • Trauma or injury to face
  • Dental restorations that are loose or have fallen out

Whenever you have doubts about whether you need an emergency appointment, give us a call.

Our dental team will ask questions to determine if a trip to the dental office is an immediate need or if it can wait until the next day. It is important to remember that toothaches often worsen with time, so taking action immediately will make you more comfortable.

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

The goal of a dental emergency is to stabilize your condition and get you out of pain. Some of the most common dental emergencies we treat include:

Broken tooth—Broken teeth are compromised, and damage may continue without proper dental care. Even if your tooth is not painful at the moment, we should see you to determine if a dental crown, bonding, or filling is necessary to repair the tooth. Take care not to cut your lips, cheek, or tongue. If you cannot see our emergency dentists right away, cover the sharp edges of your tooth with paraffin or dental wax to limit potential cuts, irritation, or infections.

Infection—If the nerve, or pulp, in the tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment can remove painful symptoms. We provide comfortable root canal treatment using the latest technology in our Gaithersburg dental office. Modern rotary endodontic instruments make treatment more efficient and convenient for patients. Over-the-counter pain relievers may help minimize some discomfort until you can see us.

Dental extractions—If we are unable to treat your tooth, we offer dental extractions and numerous tooth-replacement options to restore your smile. Tooth extractions are a last resort, as it is typically less costly and complex to repair your natural teeth whenever possible.

Chipped teeth—A chipped tooth may not be painful, but if it impacts your smile, it may seem like an emergency to you. We understand that you don’t want to go long without repairing your smile, and we are here when you need us most. If your tooth has sharp edges, you can cover them with paraffin wax until you can see us.

Knocked-out tooth—We might be able to replace a knocked-out tooth if you get it to us right away. Keeping the tooth’s root moist by placing it back in the gums and holding it there or placing it in a small container of milk until you reach us will improve the prognosis. This particular dental emergency is especially time-sensitive—we have one or two hours to treat you. Call us immediately to restore your knocked-out tooth.

Important Note: If your emergency involves trauma that includes injury to your jaw or head, please go directly to an emergency room or call 911.

Preventing Future Dental Emergencies

At Lakeforest Dental Associates in Gaithersburg, MD, we want our patients always to feel welcome and comfortable. Our kind and compassionate dental staff will never judge or lecture patients. Instead, we provide ongoing patient education, so they fully comprehend their oral health and are active in their own treatment. By continually practicing routine oral habits, you can preserve the strength and beauty of your smile.

While some dental emergencies cannot be prevented—like accidents and injuries—it helps to develop and maintain a rigorous oral hygiene routine that consists of daily brushing and flossing. Drs. Daftary and Zaner are available to provide effective brushing and flossing techniques so you can feel confident in knowing the proper method.

It’s essential to brush your teeth for three minutes, and the method you use to clean may not be effective. It takes some effort to get rid of the plaque that has built up over the day.

Still, even with daily brushing and flossing, there will always be a build-up of plaque that you cannot control. Only your preventive dentists in Gaithersburg can clean and eliminate plaque and tartar. During your check-up with us, we also screen for oral cancer and examine your teeth and gums for any dental health problems.

Do you have fillings or dental restorations like dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, or dentures? Your Gaithersburg emergency dentists will always check to see if they are loose or need to be replaced. 

Maintaining a clean and healthy smile can prevent many painful dental emergencies.

Contact Us for a Toothache or Dental Emergency

Both Dr. Neil Daftary and Dr. Robert Zaner are gifted at working with patients during stressful situations and are known for their gentle treatment styles. Give us a call right away if you are experiencing a dental emergency or are suffering from dental pain.

If you see any signs of impending dental trouble, give us a call to schedule an emergency exam in Gaithersburg, MD, so we can immediately start treating you. If you are ever unsure about your dental health situation, give us a call anyway so we can see you as soon as we can.

We are here when you need us most.