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How can I better understand my oral health?

cosmetic dentistry | general dentistry | gaithersburg mdDental technology in Gaithersburg, MD allows you to see what our top dentists see when examining your teeth and gums—only better!

The 3Shape TRIOS MOVE allows you to view close-up images from inside your mouth. These images can be enhanced, enlarged, or optimized on a screen for your convenience or for better viewing.

This technology allows you to make decisions about your dental care or cosmetic dentistry selections.

One of our Gaithersburg, MD dentists may discover a problem in your mouth—too small for you to notice. This may be an area your toothbrush and floss are missing. It could be a receding spot on your gum or even a small cavity. In some cases, it could even be a suspicious lesion that needs more investigation.

The 3Shape TRIOS MOVE can also help you and your dentist plan cosmetic dentistry and give you a good idea about what your teeth will look like following a treatment or procedure!

When you’re able to see what a dentist sees, it provides peace of mind, helps you make decisions about your healthcare, and promotes transparency and trust. You have a better understanding of why a treatment plan has been written or it helps you reach that problem spot at home by changing toothbrushes or optimizing your flossing routine.

Our dentists believe that patients should always be kept in the loop when it comes to their dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD, and they enjoy educating patients about their oral health.

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