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Do you do braces?

invisalign | clear braces | gaithersburg mdWe know that many patients would like to improve their smiles by straightening their teeth. Instead of traditional bracket-and-wire orthodontics, we offer Invisalign clear braces, an innovative and more discreet way to move teeth.

Orthodontic Options We Offer

Invisalign clear braces use clear, plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. Treatment times depend upon how far your teeth need to move, your age, and the complexity of your treatment plan.

You should wear each set of plastic aligner trays for about two to three weeks before switching to the next set. Your dentist will let you know exactly when to switch your sets based on your customized treatment plan. We will also schedule regular dental appointments to monitor your treatment and make sure it stays on track.

Some of the things our patients like most about Invisalign clear braces over traditional orthodontics include:

  • The trays are virtually invisible.
  • Wearing Invisalign is comfortable – no sharp brackets.
  • The aligners are removable, making brushing and flossing easy.
  • Since you remove the aligners to eat, there are no food restrictions.

Invisalign clear braces work best for patients who are in their late teens or for adults.

Invisalign Consultations in Gaithersburg

To find out if you are a good candidate for Invisalign clear braces, call our Gaithersburg, MD dental office. An oral evaluation will allow us to make a recommendation for you that will give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

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