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When are dental extractions the best choice?

cosmetic dentistry | dental extractions | gaithersburg mdMost of us hate to think about losing a tooth. However, there are times when dental extractions are the best choice.

In our Gaithersburg, MD dental office, we keep you relaxed and comfortable during extractions, and our skilled general dentist explains exactly why extraction is necessary.

The most common reasons for dental extractions at Lakeforest Dental Associates include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal—these teeth are not necessary for your bite or the appearance of your smile. Wisdom teeth encroach on other teeth and often cause nothing but pain and problems.
  • Pre-orthodontic work—if your jaw is too small to hold your teeth without overlap, an extraction prior to orthodontic work can help bring your teeth in line. This is not the type of extraction that is noticeable, but rather a way to give you a straighter smile.
  • Decay or trauma—having a severely decayed tooth pulled is sometimes the best way to prevent serious oral health issues. Our Gaithersburg, MD dentist can help you with a restoration tooth such as a dental implant.

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