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4 Benefits of a Dental Bridge

March 27, 2022
Posted By: Lakeforest Dental Associates
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Your teeth play an essential role in our daily lives. They are responsible for chewing. They are presented when we smile. And they contribute to who we are.

Chewing can be a chore when a tooth is lost, and smiling can be emotionally challenging. Missing teeth also impact our oral health.

A dental bridge can fill in for missing teeth, allowing us to reclaim our smiles and our well-being.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a restoration tooth cemented between two dental crowns. Your Gaithersburg dentist uses the crowns to cover the two teeth to the right and left of the empty socket. Capping these teeth allows the artificial tooth to fill in the space.

A dental bridge is ideal if you’re missing one to two adjacent teeth.

Ways a Dental Bridge Benefits Your Smile and Oral Health

#1 A Fixed Dental Bridge for Stability

Because we attach your dental bridge to healthy teeth, you’ll not have to worry about it slipping or rocking. You’ll not have to concern yourself with adhesives and adjustments in the dental office.

#2 A Dental Bridge Looks Natural

Drs. Neil Daftary and Robert Zaner always customize prosthetics and restorations to look like part of your smile. So no one will be able to distinguish your bridge from your natural teeth!

#3 Restore Function and Improve Your Diet

At Lakeforest Dental, we make the necessary adjustments before placing your bridge, ensuring that it fits appropriately and restores function. With this new fixed prosthetic, you’ll be able to relish meals again. And you’ll be free to incorporate more foods into your diet.

#4 A Dental Bridge Requires Little Maintenance

Your dentist will recommend a special cleaning brush and floss threader to keep the area beneath your restoring tooth clean. This helps prevent gingivitis and issues with your prosthetic. But these additions to your routine take only minutes!

Restore Your Smile with a Quality Dental Bridge in Gaithersburg, MD

Contact our friendly dental staff today to find out more about tooth replacement, including the dental bridge. And give us a call if you’re ready to schedule a consultation.  

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