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What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Lakeforest Dental Associates
root canal treatment in Gaithersburg MD

If you have ever needed a root canal treated, you probably have vivid memories of the pain that accompanies it. In Gaithersburg, MD, we offer gentle root canal treatment as fast as possible so that you can feel like yourself again fast.

Say Goodbye to Tooth Pain and Swelling

Many people have the misconception that root canals cause pain, but they actually do the opposite. Because your root canal dentist will remove the infection from the tooth, which causes the pain, you will likely feel significant relief almost immediately. 

We use anesthetic to numb the area, which will be a relief in and of itself. While you may still experience some residual discomfort for a few days, it will gradually subside.

Keep Your Natural Tooth

Often, the only alternative to root canal therapy is an extraction. It might seem like an easy fix, especially if your infection is severe, but saving your natural tooth is vital to your oral health. Tooth loss leaves a gap between teeth, allowing your remaining teeth to shift toward the gap. This can cause bite alignment issues and expose tooth roots. 

Additionally, tooth loss can lead to loss of the underlying bone.

Save Money over Tooth Replacement Alternatives

If you do opt for an extraction, the cost of replacing your missing tooth can be many times the cost of root canal treatment. Don't get us wrong; we appreciate dental implants and bridges when they're needed. But our dentists, Dr. Neil Daftary and Dr. Robert Zaner, love nothing more than helping patients keep their natural teeth and smile with confidence.

Do You Have Swelling or a Toothache? 

Contact Lakeforest Dental Associates if you have a dental emergency in Gaithersburg MD. We strive to see patients on the same day, particularly if you're in pain. We proudly serve the communities of Whetstone, Stewart Town, Washington Grove, and Observatory Heights with high-quality family and general dentistry.

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