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Is Invisalign painful?

invisalign | gaithersburg mdInvisalign is not painful. The aligners may feel a bit tight the first day or so, but it’s definitely something that you will get used to very fast.

What Invisalign Entails

One of the greatest benefits of Invisalign clear aligners is the lack of need for "tightening" appointments, something that is unavoidable with traditional orthodontics (braces). Invisalign, instead, utilizes constant pressure to align your smile. The greatest part is that treatment time to Invisalign is similar to traditional braces. Though each individual case is different, the timelines of orthodontic treatment are generally the same.

You can learn more about Invisalign treatment by visiting our service page. Get in touch with Lakeforest Dental Associates today to book an Invisalign consultation to see if clear aligners are the right "fit" for you!

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