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3 Reasons Not to Skip Your Dental Cleaning

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Gaithersburg families are busier than ever, making it tempting (especially for parents) to skip their routine dental cleaning appointments. After all, if you are in good dental health, skipping just a dental cleaning or two might not seem threatening to your oral health.

Here are three reasons why this faulty thinking can get you in dental trouble.

#1 Gum Disease Develops Fast

Even if you brush and floss with dedication, plaque still forms near the gumline and just beneath the tissue. Plaque hardens into tartar within 48 hours, which means if you do not remove it quickly after it forms, it will be too hard for your toothbrush to eliminate. 

We all miss certain areas of the mouth when we brush, and toothbrush bristles will not remove the plaque beneath the gums. When left too long, tartar will irritate gum tissue and cause it to become inflamed.

#2 Stains Darken Your Smile

Every teeth cleaning appointment in our Gaithersburg dental office includes a polish using a fine pumice toothpaste and rotating hygiene handpiece. This polish, which usually occurs after your hygienist scales the teeth with an ultrasonic cleaner or handheld instruments, removes surface stains and small tartar particles left behind after hand scaling.

Even if you do not whiten your teeth, they will look much brighter after your hygiene appointment.

#3 Diagnostic Dental X-Rays

We often take dental x-rays at your hygiene appointment. Since oral conditions, such as periodontal disease, bone loss, and dental caries (decay) do not usually present symptoms until they are advanced, x-rays are often the only way to detect when a condition puts your teeth at risk.

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we strive to stay on time for each appointment, helping you remain on track when it comes to your family’s busy schedules. Don’t put off your dental cleaning and put your smile at risk. We have available appointments that will keep you healthy and confident in your oral health.

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