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I'm Considering Invisalign. What Can I Expect?

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Living with teeth that are crooked or overlap is not only embarrassing, it's also not good for your oral health since crooked teeth are harder to clean properly. If you're thinking about aligning your teeth with Invisalign, you are about to join many satisfied patients who are enjoying the benefits of straightening their teeth with discretion. Besides a straighter, more beautiful smile, Invisalign in Gaithersburg offers patients a number of other advantages.

Aligners are Removable

Invisalign utilizes clear plastic trays that can easily be removed for brushing, flossing, and eating. This means that there are no changes to your diet required during your treatment. Your home care routine also remains the same since it's easy to brush and floss with Invisalign.

Fewer Visits to Your Dentist

When you commit to orthodontic treatment with traditional braces, you are typically committing to visits every few weeks with your doctor for adjustments. This is not the case with Invisalign. During your Invisalign treatment, your aligners will be changed every two weeks, and this can often be done at home, which means fewer visits to your dentist taking up time in your hectic schedule.

Treatment is Efficient

If you wear your aligners at least 22 hours every day, Invisalign treatment can be completed very efficiently. Most cases can be done in 12 to 15 months depending on complexity.

Invisalign achieves great results for most patients. If you are considering it for your smile, the first place to start would be a consultation with your dentist. Dr. Neil Daftary or Dr. Robert Zaner are certified Invisalign providers, and they can determine if it will suit your needs and help you achieve your desired results. If you proceed with Invisalign treatment, we will even be able to show you what your completed smile will look like with 3-D technology.

Invisalign in Gaithersburg MD

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