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Preventive Dentistry vs. General Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

July 21, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Neil Daftary
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If you’ve visited dental websites, you’ve probably noticed preventive and general dentistry pages, or in some cases one or the other, which can be confusing. At Lakeforest Dental Associates, our Gaithersburg, MD dentist wants to make sure you and your family members understand the key differences.

Preventive dentistry and general dentistry are often discussed interchangeably, but a good way to remember the difference is to compare dentistry to general health. Preventive body health may include eating healthy, exercising to lower blood pressure, and visiting your general practitioner for a regular physical. General body health may include everything you need to restore health when something is amiss. Preventive and general dentistry are similar.

Let’s look at a few key differences between preventive and general dentistry.  

Preventive Dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD

The treatments and recommendations that fall under the preventive dentistry umbrella are designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Preventive dentistry is also preemptive. In other words, under preventive dentistry, our dentist puts together best practices and specific treatments to prevent future dental problems.

These practices generally include guidelines that follow the American Dental Association recommendations.

  • Brush and floss at least twice per day.
  • Avoid consuming acidic and sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly for exams and cleanings.
  • Allow for periodic x-rays.

Further preventive services may include:

  • Dental sealants to strengthen teeth
  • Fluoride rinses to help prevent future cavities
  • Other specific measures

 General Dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD

General dentistry is also designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy for life, but it picks up where preventive dentistry leaves off. General dentistry is dental maintenance. It is under general dentistry that you receive the treatments and procedures you need to restore dental health.

These treatments and procedures may include:

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