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Is a Crown Right for You? 3 Benefits

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Your tooth is fractured, and because it already has an old metal filling, your dentist has recommended a crown for you. This is the first time you've received this type of treatment recommendation and you're wondering why you need a crown.

A crown is typically recommended when your tooth sustains damage or decay that is beyond the capabilities of a dental filling. Here are three benefits dental crowns in Gaithersburg can offer you.

Protection for Your Root

A crown is designed to restore your tooth structure while protecting the integrity of your root. It fits over your remaining tooth and is custom designed and shaded to closely match your natural tooth so you retain all the function you had before, and you keep your natural root structure healthy and safe from bacteria or decay that could cause an infection. 

Appealing Aesthetics

Your crown is designed to match your existing teeth so it naturally complements your smile. Today's crowns are fabricated using all-ceramic porcelain, which provides a natural look as opposed to the porcelain covering metal crowns of the past that were very noticeable. With a customized porcelain crown, no one except you and your dentist will know it's there.

Restored Function

When your tooth is compromised with decay or a fracture, you may experience pain or sensitivity when you eat or chew. Your new crown acts just like your tooth, and you'll find that you're able to eat, talk, chew, and smile with ease and comfort again.

A crown may also be a good option to replace a larger, older filling that has begun to break down. In this case, your old restoration may be allowing harmful bacteria into your tooth that can cause further decay and other damage.

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