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Why Our Dental Fillings Are Considered Cosmetic Dentistry

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In our Gaithersburg, MD dental office, we fill dental cavities regularly and with great results.

How Our Fillings Enhance 

Fillings are required to fix cavities and prevent further tooth damage. However, today’s fillings do not have to be silver. They do not have to take away from your smile. In fact, we would not want to do anything to detract from our patient’s smiles.  

Tooth-colored fillings at Lakeforest Dental Associates are the best option when it comes to filling a cavity discretely. Because we color the filling material to match your teeth, a filling can actually enhance your smile, covering some discoloration and other cosmetic dental issues in the process.

We highly recommend tooth-colored fillings for this reason.

How Tooth-Colored Fillings or Composite Resin Materials Work

Our Gaithersburg dentist clears away decay and damage from your dental cavity and fills the area with composite resin, which is versatile and easy to work with.

Composite resin can:

  • Fill spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Cover chipping or small fractures
  • Fix minor size or shape issues
  • Repair slight misalignment issues
  • Hide discoloration or staining

Composite resin not only enhances your filling and the appearance of your teeth, but the material is durable and helps keep your tooth viable and able to function during chewing.

Our composite resin bonds with your tooth, but before this bonding, our Gaithersburg cosmetic dentist can mold the resin to enhance your tooth’s appearance. Also, when composite resin bonds with your tooth, the tooth is stabilized and stronger.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Gaithersburg

Say goodbye to unsightly silver fillings and hello to tooth-colored resins that enhance and blend in with your smile.

If you need a tooth-colored filling or suspect you have a cavity, contact our Gaithersburg, MD dental office today. The team at Lakeforest Dental Associates is standing by to schedule an appointment for you today!

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