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Benefits of Family Dentistry

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we serve patients of all ages. We enjoy treating families, and our Gaithersburg, MD dentist often sees multiple generations from within the same family. It was always our goal to treat children, for example, and then treat that child’s children in the future. We have succeeded, and enjoy serving generation after generation of local families.

Other than establishing a trusting bond between patient and dentist, there are several benefits when it comes to family dentistry that you may not have considered.

Recognizable Genetics and Traits

When your family sees the same dentist, genetics, and family traits are more recognizable to that dentist. Your Gaithersburg, MD dentist knows, for example, ...

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Preventive Dentistry vs. General Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve visited dental websites, you’ve probably noticed preventive and general dentistry pages, or in some cases one or the other, which can be confusing. At Lakeforest Dental Associates, our Gaithersburg, MD dentist wants to make sure you and your family members understand the key differences.

Preventive dentistry and general dentistry are often discussed interchangeably, but a good way to remember the difference is to compare dentistry to general health. Preventive body health may include eating healthy, exercising to lower blood pressure, and visiting your general practitioner for a regular physical. General body health may include everything you need to restore health when something is amiss. Preventive and general dentistry are ...

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Why It's Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

Invisalign Clear Braces in Gaithersburg MD

As adults, we learn to adapt to a lot of circumstances. We make exceptions, settle for things, and live with situations that aren’t perfect. Are you making exceptions for your smile? If you’re living with a less than perfect smile because your teeth are crooked, it may diminish your confidence, which can affect your relationships and keep you from achieving your goals.

The good news is that Invisalign in Gaithersburg, MD offers you the opportunity to straighten crooked teeth without anyone noticing!

How Does Invisalign Work

Instead of relying on unsightly metal braces to straighten your teeth, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that fit snug and are virtually invisible when you talk ...

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3 Reasons Why It’s Important for Children to See Their Family Dentist Regularly

children's dentistry in gaithersburg md

Did you know that it’s essential for your children to see their family dentist in Gaithersburg every six months just like you do? It’s true! Children have their own unique dental needs, and it’s important for their dentist to be able to monitor their oral development.

Here are some other reasons children should have consistent dental visits.

#1: To Detect Tooth Decay as Soon as Possible

Let’s face it, children are not always the best at keeping their teeth clean. In fact, they need your assistance and supervision with brushing and flossing until at least the age of eight.

Your Gaithersburg dentist can detect concerns like tooth decay and cavities early on, so your son ...

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Start Your Summer with a Professional Teeth Cleaning

professional teeth cleaning in gaithersburg md

Summer has arrived, the kids are out of school, and it’s the perfect time to bring your family into our Gaithersburg, MD dental office for professional teeth cleanings. Remember, professional teeth cleanings are important even if you and your loved ones brush and floss regularly.

Brushing and Flossing Are a Good Start

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we recommend a good oral hygiene routine at home. This means brushing and flossing twice per day and limiting sugar and acidity in your foods and beverages.

These simple steps are important to help you and your family members maintain healthy smiles, but you still need professional teeth cleanings in Gaithersburg, MD to clear away what ...

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My Tooth Hurts! When to Contact Your Emergency Dentist

emergency dentistry in gaithersburg md

It's been said that tooth pain is some of the worst, and when you're up all night with an aching tooth, you know it's time to contact your dentist in Gaithersburg!

But what if your tooth is just sensitive when you drink your morning coffee? Should you be alarmed? When is it time to notify your dentist?

A Good Rule of Thumb

If you are feeling sensitivity, but you're unsure you have a full-blown dental emergency on your hands, a good rule of thumb is to contact your dentist anyway. They can often provide guidance over the phone on how to handle your situation, or they may determine that an examination with your ...

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Reasons You Might Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns in Gaithersburg MD

At Lakeforest Dental Associates, we provide quality and natural-looking dental crowns to give our patients beautiful and seamless smiles. We understand that tooth loss or tooth flaws can hurt your self-esteem and compromise your oral health.

Dental crowns in Gaithersburg, MD are versatile and help our patients smile with confidence. They also help save a tooth that is weak or vulnerable to breakage.

Dental crowns are tooth caps that go over existing teeth to the gumline. These caps are shaped like your natural teeth and colored to match your smile. They are versatile enough to be used in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry!

Let’s look at a few reasons you ...

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